What are natural antibiotics?

What are natural antibiotics?

During the last two or three centuries, medical science has invented drugs that have made it possible to treat diseases that were considered incurable. Drugs that help prevent disease-causing bacteria are called antibiotics. .

According to medical experts, now that germs and viruses have become powerful enough, these drugs are no longer useful in every case, so now medical science is rethinking the methods used in the past to prevent new diseases. were done such as use of fresh air and sunlight etc.

According to medical experts, fresh air and sunlight have an effect on human health like natural antibiotics, which is why the proportion of diseases among ancient people was low because in those days there were no air-conditioners and no electric, artificial lights.

According to medical experts, during research on natural antibiotics, sea air and sunlight have been found to be very beneficial for children suffering from TB.

Similarly, in 1840, the British surgeon George Boddington also said in his statement that people who work in the open air, such as farmers, shepherds, etc., these people usually do not suffer from TB, but people who are mostly The more time they work indoors, the more likely they are to get TB.

The British nurse, Florence Knight Angel, also says about her experience that ‘when you go to a person’s room at night or in the morning before the window opens, you must have noticed that such a room smells a lot and There is hubris in it.’

He advises that it is very important to have fresh air in the patient’s room, but this air should be to the extent that the patient does not feel cold.

He added, ‘While taking care of patients, I learned two important things, firstly, that their room must have fresh air and secondly, they also need light, not artificial light, but sunlight. The light of.

Advances in the field of medical science have taken their place, but modern research has proven that sunlight and fresh air are good for health.

On the other hand, the World Health Organization also says that for the prevention of diseases, it is very important that there is a system in the buildings through which fresh air can enter every part of the building.

In a report published in 2009, it was suggested that proper ventilation arrangements should be made in hospitals to reduce the possibility of disease spread.

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