What are the disadvantages of applying lemon and tomato on the face?

What are the disadvantages of applying lemon and tomato on the face?

When we think of skin care and solving skin related problems, we first think of natural and home remedies but we cannot ignore the fact that such measures May cause adverse effects on the skin.

Dermatologists tell us what home remedies people should avoid to deal with facial skin problems. But it can do more harm than good.

Disadvantages of using lemon or tomato directly on the face:Dry skin
Skin irritation
Redness of the skin
Pigmentation (PIH)

Experts recommend that (you) opt for vitamin C serums and consult your dermatologist before you start using them.

On the other hand, experts have also suggested some ways to get healthy and glowing skin.
Following a good skin care routine
Eat healthy and nutritious food
A regular exercise routine
Get proper sleep
Avoid smoking
Try not to stress

There is also a misconception that skincare is only for women. In fact, men should also take care of their skin, although men’s skin is slightly different from women’s skin, but the norm remains the same.

Men should take these steps for their healthy skin: They should clean their face in the morning as it helps to remove dust from the skin.
They should then moisturize their skin to hydrate it.
Finally, apply sunscreen even if they don’t step outside.

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