What are the symptoms and causes of fibroid uterine tumors? How is it possible to diagnose and treat it?

It is a common disease in women. It would not be wrong to say that this disease is found in 9 out of 10 women. But it has been observed that most of the women are not even aware of this disease.

It is a muscle tumor of the uterus. Fibroids are also often linked to cancer but have nothing to do with cancer. It’s just a muscle growth called fibroids.
It’s a gynecological disease. Most fibroid tumors (uterine tumors) are found after the age of 40.

But some women get it even earlier. About 15% of women develop these tumors after the age of 35. Sometimes it becomes more than one or a bunch of them. Occasionally there may be a large increase in the size of the tumor, which may increase the woman’s abdomen and lead to the suspicion of pregnancy.
Uterine tumors are associated with an excess of hormones and this excess of hormones is directly related to the daily diet.

One of the causes of tumors in Pakistan is the milk found here. It contains a lot of hormones as well as chicken which is raised in 7 days from hormonal feed and delivered to the market which also gives time to children. Hormonal changes are coming before and the number of such diseases is also increasing in women.

Even large tumors usually do not hurt the woman. But they can also cause the following side effects.
1. Menstrual bleeding is very heavy. Frequent menstruation. At the same time, there is frequent urination.
2. Menstrual cramps start coming with pain.
3. Bleeding occurs again between menstrual periods.
4. Menstruation starts coming faster and more.
5. The woman starts having pain in her back and lower abdomen.
6. Feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen.
7. There is a complaint of licorice.
8. Infertility usually occurs. A woman cannot get pregnant.
9. Complaints of indigestion, bloating and palpitations are common.
10. A woman’s abdomen can be very large in size.

This can lead to anemia, which can lead to other health problems, including shortness of breath, hair loss, skin blemishes, back pain, and so on.
The disease also has psychological effects, including anemia, sleep deprivation, irritability, and mood swings.
Sometimes, if a pregnancy is diagnosed, these tumors begin to grow quickly. And often they cause miscarriage.
Fibroid uterus also affects virgin women or women who have lost children.

The easiest way to diagnose this is ultrasound. Which shows the size of the tumor or the fibroid.
In addition MRI is also done which shows its location or its composition. In addition, various blood tests are done to find out the hemoglobin etc.

In addition, hormones are tested. Fibroids are more common in women who have PCOS or are overweight. In addition, women who regularly use birth control pills are more likely to have it.

But now there are both surgical and non-surgical procedures for tumors. Non-surgical does not involve any kind of cut or anesthesia, the patient is fully conscious. This is called uterine angiography, in which wires and cameras are used to reach the uterus, and with the help of paramedics, the blood supply to the tumor in the uterus is stopped, causing it to slowly begin to contract. Ends up
According to doctors, the tumor can only be controlled with medication and cannot be eradicated. Surgery or non-surgical procedure is necessary for this.
After treatment, the bleeding becomes normal, back pain is cured, health condition is improved. Frequent urination stops, hair loss stops and facial radiance is restored. If there is a problem with the pregnancy, it is also cured.

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