Whether it is joint pain or fresh face, apple is useful in everything. 54 Amazing Benefits Of Eating Apples That We Need To Use

Whether it is joint pain or fresh face, apple is useful in everything. 54 Amazing Benefits Of Eating Apples That We Need To Use

The apple is a popular fruit, the tree of which is 28 to 30 feet high. The apple tree has white flowers with red splatter. The flowering season is from Besakh to Bhagan. The color of apple is green, red or yellow. Raw fruit is sour or pale which becomes sweet after ripening.

An apple is a very healthy food and a powerful medicine. Because of its goodness, it is called the fruit of many virtues. An ordinary apple has a strength of about one hundred calories. With its regular use, four moons go to health and youth.

Tafah in Arabic Zian, Saab in Persian, Soof in Sindhi and Apple in English. Its color is green, yellow and red. Apple tastes sweet. Her mood is hot and humid. Sour apples are cold and dry. Marmalade and syrup are made from apples. The amount of food is half a pound of apples, one and a half tola of marmalade apples, up to four tolas of syrup. It has many benefits.

Benefits of Apple
(1) Apple is fun heart and mind.
(2) Strengthens the heart. Eating fresh apple or its marmalade is very useful in case of nervousness.
(3) It contains iron, vitamin A, calcium and phosphorus which are essential for human health. Also contains vitamins B and C.

(4) The apple is slightly constipated. But its marmalade increases appetite.
(5) Soothes the heat.
(6) It produces good blood, provided it is eaten in the morning and at noon.
(7) Brightens the complexion.
(8) Improves the liver and gives it strength.
(9) Strengthens the stomach and corrects the function of the stomach.
(10) Useful in shortness of breath and depression.
(11) Extremely useful for shortness of breath and dry cough.
(12) Apples prevent vomiting and prevent nausea.
(13) Extremely useful to weak patients.
(14) Sour apples cause constipation and also cause vomiting.
(15) Apples stimulate the heart and refresh the brain. Therefore, in case of anxiety, etc., it increases the immunity in the human body.

(16) Apples have a special place in fruits due to their nutritional value.
(17) If you eat two apples a day and drink one pound of milk in the morning, then in six weeks human health becomes enviable.

(18) Eating apples while sleeping at night has a constipating effect.
(19) In case of stomach weakness and weak liver, it is useful to use sour apples.

(20) For those who work mentally, eating apples is the best gift of nature.
(21) It produces red blood cells.
(22) Apple juice removes stomach and intestinal germs and also has anti-odor.
(23) There is nothing better than apples for cleansing the kidneys.
(24) Very tasty and fragrant tea can be made from apple peels. Which is very useful for men and women over forty years.

(25) If lemon and honey are added to apple peel tea, it cures the weakness of dysentery and migraine.
(26) If people with joint pain use this tea, they will get special benefits.

(27) Apple strengthens teeth. Its ingredients are absorbed in teeth and gums and make them very strong.
(28) By the way, apples can be eaten at any time with all its benefits. If apples are eaten after eating, it helps in digestion.
(29) If the apple is used regularly before the birth of the child, then the child is born beautiful and the pregnant woman is also protected from various diseases.
(30) Feeding two spoons of apple juice daily to a six-month-old child enhances his health and does not affect even minor ailments (insha’Allah).
(31) Apples are extremely useful in dysentery, typhoid, tuberculosis and cough.
(32) It is very important to eat apple jam to remove the weakness of heart and mind. It also cures anemia. (33) The limbs give strength to the head. Nervous weakness goes away with its constant use.
(34) If apple juice is boiled and drunk for about three or four days, then every addict will give up intoxication.
(35) Take a sip of good apples to prepare heart, brain and liver marmalade. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Separate the apples from the water and prepare the consistency by mixing three times (three servings) of sugar then mix the apples in this consistency and prick the apples with a knife. When the syrup thickens, take it off. When cool, store in a glass jar and use as needed.
(36) Constant use of apples stimulates the body and makes the body active.
(37) Apples strengthen eyesight and sharpen memory.
(38) Apple snuff is used in case of headache. In which a towel of dried apples, the ashes of wild apples are rubbed well and mixed together to save a little sniff when needed gives immediate benefit.
(39) Apple cider vinegar is useful for eye inflammation.
(40) To get rid of all eye diseases, take one towel of black and white, one and a half handful of pen saline, one and a half handful of Kaf Darya, four pieces of black pepper and rub all the medicine in apple juice for five days. Store in a bottle when dry. It is very useful to put two stitches at night while sleeping.
(41) If you think of open defecation, cook an apple in milk so that it becomes very soft. It is beneficial to mix it well and drink it with natural sugar.
(42) To make toothpaste, make two towels of apple tree charcoal, one towel of ginger, one towel of Lahore salt, half a towel of alum, make a powder of all the medicines and use this powder as required.
(43) If the seeds are tied in a towel and boiled in half a full goat’s milk. Get rid of it.
(44) Apple syrup which gives nerve strength can be prepared. Extract the juice of half a full apple well. Then add a sip of rose liqueur inside. Then mix half the sugar to make a consistency. When it thickens, remove from the heat and fill into bottles when cool. Use two tablespoons of syrup with water in the morning and evening.
(45) Apples should be chewed well so that its useful ingredients strengthen teeth and gums.
(46) If a child is cut into slices of apple and the child chews it, his teeth will come out easily.
(47) Take an apple, peel it well, add a little salt and eat it in the morning for three days, it cures headache.
(48) To increase appetite, it is beneficial to mix half a satiety of apple juice with a small amount of pepper, cumin and salt in the apple and the food also becomes a part of the body.
(49) An apple jam wrapped in a piece of silver leaf in the morning is a heart-strengthening and brain-strengthening food. Strengthens eyesight.
(50) The apple removes obsession and is beneficial to the plague.
(51) Removes scorpion venom. For this, drink one pound of juice four times a day and apply it on the place where apple pulp is cut. (52) The dominance and bile of bile is beneficial to the blood.
(53) It is useful to heat raw apples and apply it on inflammation.
(54) Sour apples cause forgetfulness.

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