Whether it’s getting rid of meat or shining black sauce, freezing yogurt or clearing out insects, we’ve got you covered.

In this age of busyness, no one has enough time to fix the bad things or to keep them, so if something goes bad, it is thrown away, but in this way money is wasted. That’s why we’ve come up with some tips that will save you time and money.

Apples do not turn black quickly
Peel an apple and after a while it starts turning black. For this, put water in a bowl and squeeze lemons in it. Put apples in it for one minute. Now take it out and keep it.

Preserving tomatoes and lemons
To preserve tomatoes and lemons, grind tomatoes into a paste and put them in a cube tray. Freeze in a freezer. The thing will be safe too. Similarly, extract the lemon juice and store it in cubes.

Refresh stale salad
To refresh the stale salad, take ice cold water in a bowl, squeeze half a lemon in it and soak the salad in it for some time. It will be completely refreshed in 10 minutes.

Potatoes should not be black
If you don’t want the potatoes to be black, then wash them in alum and wash them in water. The potatoes will not be black.

Don’t use sour cream or sour cream
If you do not want cream or cream to be sour for a long time, mix sugar in it and keep it in a cool place or refrigerator. Cream or cream will not be sour.

To remove meat stains
When washing the meat, there is a lump in it which looks very bad. If you sprinkle a little straw on it before washing the meat and wash the meat after ten minutes, the lump will not come at all.

Dish cleaning
First wash the utensils with a clean water then start rubbing it with bath soap, do not apply desi soap or surf etc., the utensils will shine as if they have just been taken.

If you forget to soak in the night
If you forget to soak the lentils at night, it does not matter. Soak them in hot water or baking soda for one hour. The lentils will bloom quickly.

Keep almonds fresh
If you want to keep almonds fresh for a long time, put a little sugar in the pot in which the almonds are kept. Almonds will stay fresh for a long time.

Yogurt for freezing
If you want your yoghurt to freeze quickly, add green chillies and milk to the yoghurt. Yoghurt will freeze quickly.
Clean the frozen pot

If the bottom of your milk pot is still frozen, knead the dough in it. This will not only clean the pot but also soften the bread.

Whole flour
Before kneading the whole flour, if a little semolina is added to it, then the whole flour becomes thick and delicious in taste.

Remove odor from refrigerator
To remove any odor from the refrigerator, lightly moisten the newspaper and make a ball and keep it in the refrigerator for eight to ten hours. The smell will disappear from the refrigerator or even if a piece of coal is kept in the refrigerator, the smell will also disappear from the refrigerator.

Stick to a plastic container
Plastic utensils often have a sticker on the front which looks very bad. To remove it, soak the utensil in hot water for a while, then the sticker will come off easily.

To clean a burnt pot
To clean a burnt pan, pour enough water into the pan so that the burnt part is dipped in water. Then put it on the stove. When the water starts boiling, add lemon juice and baking soda. After a while, wash the pan with soap. The pan will be completely clean.

Spread talcum powder on the floor of the room or kitchen to protect the house and kitchen from ants, red bags and other pests to kill ants, red bags and other insects and then see the effect . By morning all the insects will be clean. It is completely harmless and can be eaten near food.

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