Why do kidneys fail?

Kidneys are the most important organ in our body, they filter excess fluid and waste from the blood.

They regulate the body’s pH level, salt and potassium, they also produce hormones that control the production of red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body.

If waste begins to accumulate when their functions are affected, taking care of their health is important for everyone to live a full life.

People with kidney disease are also at increased risk of cardiovascular disease, and the rate of kidney disease has increased significantly worldwide over the past few decades.

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Why do kidneys eventually fail?

Before learning how to keep your kidneys healthy, it’s important to understand what causes kidney failure.

A common cause of kidney failure is diabetes, if you look at the cases of kidney failure, it is known that in 50% of the cases, diabetes is the cause, while in 20-25% of the cases, high blood pressure is the cause. Kidney stones, urinary tract infections (UTIs), and inflammatory diseases are also among the causes of kidney failure.

According to experts, if you are diabetic, make sure you keep it under control.

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Also consider your salt intake, it doesn’t matter if you have high blood pressure or not, you need to minimize the amount of salt in your diet that will help your kidneys in the long run. Helps to keep healthy.

To keep the kidneys healthy, it is important to avoid obesity, obesity is also a major cause of kidney disease. Avoid junk food as it can be a major cause of weight gain, also avoid smoking as it directly affects the kidneys.

Urinary tract infection (UTI) can also lead to kidney failure. To prevent this, it is important to avoid using public toilets as it can lead to UTI.

For good kidney health, it is important to lead an active lifestyle, keep yourself active and drink plenty of water.

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