Why does back pain occur? A few words can ease your pain

Why does back pain occur? A few words can ease your pain

Ever since man was born, pain and suffering have been going along with it. Thus, every pain is painful, but the most painful of them is back pain. Extremely exhausting, even if it happens to hard-working wrestlers, they can’t stand the intensity of it –

it can happen to anyone in any case. He also has difficulty walking – and this pain weakens the good and the weak, so that he clings to the bed and is unable to carry out his daily tasks properly. ۔

* People who sit and work in a chair for long periods of time get back pain quickly
* People who have high levels of uric acid may also suffer from back pain.

Women and men who suffer from constipation also suffer from back pain

* People who have swelling or stones in the kidneys do not have back pain

* Men who have nightmares, menstruation and women who suffer from diseases like licorice and menstrual cramps also get back pain.
* Poor and poor unbalanced diet also causes back pain.

* Disorders of the spinal cord can also cause back pain.

Diet : * People with back pain should avoid
meat, rice, fatty foods, cola drinks, fast foods, peas, lentils, eggplant, greens, bakery products, beans and whole
grains. Abstain completely from food.
* Whenever you have back pain, consult a doctor immediately
. * Do not use painkillers unnecessarily.

Tips and Treatments:
 Exercise lightly every day
٭ Try to find out the cause of the disease with your doctor ٭ Make
a warm tap on the sore spot
 Use hard bed instead of soft bed
When sitting Lean on your back
. Never lift too much weight
* Avoid climbing stairs again and again. *
Exercise as well as yoga asanas.
* If you have back pain due to cold, boil fenugreek leaves or drink five grams of
fenugreek seeds daily. The pain will be relieved. And eating walnuts also helps to get rid of back pain in cold weather

* Changing your diet and lifestyle also helps to get rid of back pain. Consult your doctor for this.
* In case of excess of uric acid, use half a teaspoon in the morning and evening.
* If back pain is due to constipation. If so, take five handfuls of sugar in a glass of milk.
Homoeopathic medicines include Calcarea Fos, Calcarea Flour, Rheostax, Bray Onia and Arnica. Yes, but the results of these drugs are very good and tested.

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