Why is drinking Matka water important for health?

Why is drinking Matka water important for health?

Why is drinking Matka water important for health?

Our ancestors may have used earthenware for cooking as well as storing ingredients and other materials, but today the preference for non-stick, metals and ceramics has increased and the use of earthenware is disappearing.

Similarly, clay pots were used to store drinking water in ancient times and not the water filters that are used today and clay pots also helped to cool the water naturally.

This ancient practice is not only a traditional alternative to glass or other containers, but also a healthy and therapeutic choice to adopt. Here, experts share the benefits of drinking clay pot water.

Take a look at the health benefits of drinking matka water:

Pottery is naturally cool:
Clay pots usually help keep the stored water cool. In hot weather, you should store water in clay pots like pots instead of refrigerator.

Clay pots are chemical free:
The plastic bottles you use to store water are made of chemicals. However, clay pots are chemical free and also keep toxins away from entering the body.

Earthen pot water is alkaline in nature:
The water in the clay pot is alkaline in nature so it helps in maintaining the pH level of the body. If the body’s pH balance is disturbed, you may have digestive problems or stomach problems.

Clay pot water is good for throat:
If you suffer from asthma or a cold, drinking cold water can make your condition worse. However, drinking water from a clay pot is good for your throat as it is not too cold and has an ideal temperature that will not irritate your throat.

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