Why should vinegar be used while washing clothes? Some tips to make life easier

Why should vinegar be used while washing clothes? Some tips to make life easier

Washing clothes is also an art. A large part of women’s lives are spent washing clothes and dishes, so they try to find some tips that will make their lives a little easier. Especially washing clothes is a laborious task and often during their washing the collars, cuffs etc. of men’s kapars cannot be cleaned and they have to be scrubbed separately. That’s why we will try to solve this problem here and tell you the benefits of vinegar.

1. Bring whiteness and shine to clothes:
Washing white clothes is a difficult task, it is necessary to maintain their brightness and whiteness, otherwise their beauty is lost. If you have a stain on your white clothes, then washing it is not a problem. Take half a cup of vinegar, add half a cup of water to it. Now soak the stain in the mixture for a while. After 10 to 15 minutes rub and wash in the machine or by hand, the stain will be clean. Don’t put the clothes in the dryer until the stain is gone, otherwise the stain will set.

2. Deodorize clothes:
Often the smell comes from undergarments or socks. If you wash them with other clothes, the smell will settle in them too, so soak the clothes that have the smell in a separate tub with vinegar in water, it will also remove the smell and clean the clothes. will And your clothes will be fragrant.

3. Protects fabric colors:
Repeated washing of clothes spoils their colors. Looks weird. So if you want to protect the color of your clothes, then add vinegar to the washing machine, it will not spoil the color of your clothes, but avoid adding vinegar to silk and silk fabrics.

4. Softens clothes:
After frequent washing, the clothes get a rough roughness. To avoid this, adding vinegar while washing clothes in the machine will keep the clothes soft, but remember to add the vinegar near the end of the machine, it will make your clothes just as soft as expensive fabric softener. And you will be surprised.

Washing machine cleaning:
Vinegar not only cleans your clothes but also the washing machine. After washing the clothes, soap and surf etc. freeze in different parts of the machine, so it is also necessary to clean it, so you add water to the machine, add vinegar to it and run the machine empty for a while, it is all from the parts of the machine. Dirt and grime will be pulled out and your machine will be as clean as new.

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