World Egg Day: A thousand Bajimat in one egg! Builds brain cells, maintains nerve sensation, keeps the body healthy and strong without needing lots of medicine

World Egg Day: Eggs are a completely balanced food Eggs need to be consumed in abundance for proper growth of every part of the body
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There are almost no people from the middle class to the upper class who do not like to eat eggs A lot of nutrition at a small price is why everyone likes eggs in large quantities at home, from young to old Symbolic image
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October 14 is celebrated as Egg Day or Egg Day all over the country and at the same time the World Health Organization repeatedly promotes the nutritional value of eggs and makes people aware. Egg Day is celebrated all over the world on the second Friday of October every year Symbolic image
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Thousands of eggs Just one egg solves the nutritional deficiency in the body An egg contains 6 grams of protein, 5 grams of high-quality fatty acids, and many calories are produced in the body by eating one egg. Symbolic image
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Eggs contain zeaxanthin and lutein which are essential for eyesight Eggs are high in good cholesterol Improves memory, builds brain and keeps nervous system healthy Symbolic image
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A single egg can do a lot of magic for the body Egg white has protein, yolk contains iron and vitamins, eggs play a major role in the physical and mental growth of children. Symbolic image

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Doctors advise how to eat eggs based on age and physical condition Eggs are beneficial in diabetes, anemia, heart disease The risk of stroke is also reduced as a result of blood clotting Symbolic image
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If there is a lack of sulfur in the body, nails break In that case, the difficult asan is the egg You don’t have to take a bunch of medicines, many diseases can be killed in one egg Symbolic image
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Disclaimer: Totka can never be a substitute for treatment or medicine Therefore, whether there is any physical problem or not, one must consult a doctor before the practical application Symbolic image

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