Yoga For Better Sleep: Night after night worry! In yoga, sleep will come in just a few seconds

Yoga For Better Sleep: Night after night worry! In yoga, sleep will come in just a few seconds

Yoga For Better Sleep: You can easily fall asleep in bed with this method 
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These four yogasanas are very necessary for a restful sleep (Yoga For Better Sleep) and are considered to be the best. Symbolic image
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Yogasana reduces anxiety or depression It especially helps to fall asleep quickly Symbolic image
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It takes only 2 to 3 minutes to do this yoga pose It is very important to know which yoga asanas the body needs for early sleep Symbolic image

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Vajrasana is very useful for early sleep. To do this asana one has to kneel on the bed. Symbolic image
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Care should be taken that the feet do not go outside the body in any way, and the feet should be relaxed towards the back Symbolic image

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Adho Mukha Virasana is a very necessary and important yoga asana to eliminate insomnia. In the case of this asana also one has to sit on the mudra of Vajrasana Symbolic image
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Then the waist and knees should be stretched a little The neck should be kept straight Symbolic image
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The chest should extend towards the ground Both hands should be extended forward So that the hands directly touch the ground Symbolic image

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If you stay in this position for 2-3 minutes, you may feel bone instability But keep in mind that the body should not lean downwards Symbolic image
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Janusirsasana should be done before going to sleep. Symbolic image

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Janu Thamsana sitting on the bed should spread the right leg outwards Then the left foot should be placed in the area adjacent to the Thai Now at the place where the stomach comes out, the right knee should be placed next to the pelvic area Symbolic image

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You will fall asleep very quickly. Pillow support can be easily obtained for this yoga asana Keep the right knee on the pillow In this way, the same method can be adopted for the left leg as well Symbolic image

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Supta Baddha Konasana before sleeping to get rid of insomnia can be especially effective. Symbolic image

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Sit on the bed and press both the palms of the hands on the ankles Must be pulled towards the hand Symbolic image
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You should lie on the back side of the bed and attached to the waist You should lie down and keep an eye on the bottom Symbolic image
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Add another pillow under the head to adjust After that, the magic also gave up Symbolic image

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