Yoga for weight loss: Want to lose weight? But diet and gym reluctance? Then you can start yoga at home!

Yoga will not only reduce weight but also keep the body fit and fresh.

The unmistakable claim for weight loss is yoga. There are many people who want to lose weight. But they have a strong reluctance to go to the gym or diet. As a result, weight loss does not happen anymore. But if you want to join the weight loss race, you can start yoga or yoga practice at home.

Yoga will not only reduce weight but also keep the body fit and fresh. In fact, since ages people have been relying on yoga to keep themselves fit and healthy. Yoga has gained popularity in recent times. Even so. Bollywood stars are not far behind. They often share pictures and videos of their yoga poses. But many people do not know where to start! For those who are completely new, here are some types of yoga hadith. That is, yoga habits can be developed through all these yoga practices.

Balasan: To do this asana, the knees should be slowly folded. After that, sitting on the heels, the body should be bent forward and lean completely.

This time, the hand should be extended forward and kept on the floor. After that, the head should be lowered and kept on the ground.

Badh Konasana: To do this asana, you have to sit with your legs spread in front of you. This time bend both the legs and press the soles of the feet against each other. But the two knees should stick to the floor. Sit in this way and hold the soles of the feet with both hands. And the waist should be tightened. After that, while exhaling, the knees should be slowly pushed down.

Sukhasana: To do this yoga, you have to sit straight with your legs spread in front. This time you have to sit with your knees bent i.e. your legs should be in a cross-legged position. After that, you have to keep your palms up and keep them on your knees like meditation. And this asana But the back should always be kept straight while doing it.

Anandasana: To do this asana, one should first lie flat. This time, two hands should be spread and both palms should be facing upwards. One should take big breaths, so that our lungs are filled with air. After exhaling, chant ‘Om’ as long as possible.

Vrikshasana: For this you have to start from Tarasana. That is, stand straight and spread both hands above the head. After that, the right foot should be placed on the inside of the left leg. This should be repeated on the other leg.

Vajrasana: This involves sitting on the ankles with knees bent. The body should be flexed and sit. This time the back should be kept straight and the palms should be placed on the knees. In this position, sit for a while. Yoga practice should be started with these exercises for weight loss. But be careful while practicing. All these asanas should be practiced with caution.

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